Payment is accepted as cash, check, or via PayPal.
Please request to receive monthly invoices for your lawn care services.  Invoices are sent out by email, and hard copies can be provided.  Click on the Buy Now button with your amount in order to pay for services via PayPal or follow instructions below.

Cash, Check, PayPal


























INSTRUCTIONS if you do not see your specific amount on an icon below:


(1) Log into PayPal using your account username and password.

(2) Click "Pay or Send Money."

(3) Click "Pay for Goods or Services."

(4) Type in "" and enter the specific amount you'd like to pay.

(5) Click "NEXT."

(6) Add a note regarding the services or invoice you are paying for.

(7) Click "SEND."

Payment may also be made by cash or check.  A mailing address for payment will be provided with the invoice.