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Green Meadows Landscaping has been a consistent and trustworthy Landscaping Service since 2009. Our team is committed to providing service of the highest quality, paying particular attention to work efficiently and expediently while keeping the lines of communication with our clients clear and concise.

As an independent service provider, Jeff and his team provide exceptional local lawn care and landscaping services.  Jeff, owner of Green Meadows Landscaping, also serves as a member of the Air National Guard.


Customer satisfaction is a number one priority during any type of job.  We understands that the outside of a business or home reflects the pride and dedication of the owners.  We also understand the increase in property value and appeal that corresponds to landscaping upkeep.  


Our work is a reflection of our business and attitude, so we aim for perfection.  You will know who and what to expect when you choose Green Meadows Landscaping as your landscape and hardscape service provider.


Green Meadows Landscaping provides services to commercial  and residential properties in Louisville, KY.  The team provides competitive bids and estimates that are unlikely to be beat for the quality and scope of work they provide.  Call today for a consultation.


"Green Meadows Landscaping has provided great services.  I appreciate the honesty of the employees the most.  They provide excellent guidance as to the best methods for keeping grass as green as possible in the most dry times of the year.  I can rely on them for all landscaping needs. Thanks."


"Excellent, skilled workers!  Green Meadows Landscaping maintains and mows the property surrounding my business.  It is very important to me that the outside is appealing and kept up.  Jeff, the owner, makes sure that the landscaping reflects the quality of the establishment.   The owner and workers are very professional and extremely knowledgeable in regards to landscaping maintenance and upkeep.  I would definitely recommend this landscaping company to other businesses in Louisville."

Marie via Yelp

"Jeff has been mowing our commercial shopping center for close to two years now and does an excellent job.  He picks up stray debris when necessary and keeps the landscape environment neat and welcoming for all the customers in the center.  The work is always done with no excuses for rain, sleet, broken equipment etc.  His company is dependable and hard-working with great results!"

Kelly via Yelp

"I recently moved into a new home that had a substantially larger yard than my previous residence.  Unfortunately, it took a couple weeks for the new lawn mower to be delivered and I was referred to Jeff for help so that my lawn didn't become "that house" on the street.  Jeff was quick to respond and did a fantastic job not only mowing the lawn, but he also cut back weeds and collected debris.  Jeff's pricing was very reasonable, especially considering the size of my yard.  My new mower has arrived, but I am certain I will still call on Jeff to come out and spruce the place up from time to time.  I would highly recommend Green Meadows Landscaping."

Michelle via Yelp

"Green Meadows Landscaping did an excellent clean up and maintenance job for us. We will continue doing business with them."


"I am pleased with the quality landscaping provided by Green Meadows. Jeff has provided excellent lawn maintenance to my property this summer and has carried out multiple mulch/clean up jobs for me. I would highly recommend his services to any commercial or residential property in the area."


"Jeff did an amazing job our yard looks better than it's ever looked! We have gotten so many compliments and he did it all very promptly and within our time constraints! Highly recommend."


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